About Us

In 2015, I had my first experience with owning my own business when I started a women's clothing boutique in Hudson, OH. At this point, I had spent 15 years in corporate America in finance/accounting and started to get burned out of the "corporate America" mentality. I always wanted something bigger and I knew my passions were in the fashion world. 

At the time, I had 3 little boys and was yearning for more freedom with them along with chasing my dreams as a business owner. Once I opened my store, I quickly realized what an incredible feeling it was to be my own boss but also be able to help provide for my children and make women feel incredible about themselves. 

As time went on, I was spending more and more time away from my family than I had anticipated which led me to close down my brick and mortar store so I could be with my family, but that passion for fashion and helping women feel amazing has never left. 

Fast forward to 2021, when I finally found the time to start Ciccio USA, a full online women's clothing boutique where I can reach so many more women and help them find what makes them unique. Whatever stage you are in life, the way we dress and how we feel about ourselves can turn any bad day into a good one.